This treatment applies to the following species:
Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle

Active Ingredients:

Poloxalene (USP) 0.95 g per mL.
Red Dye #40 has been added at 0.05% w/v to facilitate mixing with drinking water.

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For the prevention of frothy bloat in cattle grazing on legume pastures (alfalfa and clover).

Dosage and Administration

The medicated drinking water system used must provide a continuous supply of medicated water for the number of cattle being treated on pasture. Insufficient number of medicators and/or tanks or tanks too small in volume will disrupt medicated water supply and increase risk of treatment failure.

It is essential that each animal consume the total recommended dosage of Alfasure daily for adequate protection. Medicated water should be the only source of drinking water for cattle. Access to all other sources of water (i.e., water pools on uneven land, ponds and streams) on the pasture should be blocked.

For moderate bloat producing conditions, administer Alfasure in the drinking water to provide a dose of 6 mL (5.7 g poloxalene) daily for animals weighing less than 454 kg and 10 mL (9.5 g poloxalene) daily for those weighing over 454 kg. The dose may be doubled when bloat-producing conditions are severe.

Alfasure is to be consumed daily. Administration of Alfasure-medicated water should commence a minimum of 3 days before the animals are exposed to bloat-producing conditions and continue throughout the season until the risk of frothy bloat has ended.

During periods of rain, with lush pastures, cattle may not consume adequate quantities of medicated drinking water. To avoid bloat-related deaths, remove the animals from these pastures or increase the concentration of Alfasure in the drinking water to achieve the required daily consumption.

Check water consumption. In cool or wet weather, increase concentration of Alfasure (e.g., 1X to 1.5X or 2X). In warm or dry weather, decrease concentration of Alfasure. Increase dose when risk of bloat is high.

Preparation of Alfasure-medicated Drinking Water: The mixing chart below provides guidance for the amount of Alfasure (mL) to be added to 100 L of water in the drinking trough/tank. The concentration of Alfasure in the water should be adjusted to meet the daily recommended intake of Alfasure. A dye has been added to Alfasure to ensure proper mixing.

Animal weight <454 kg Animal weight >454 kg
Daily water consumption Amount of Alfasure (mL) to be added to 100 L drinking water Amount of Alfasure (mL) to be added to 100 L drinking water
20 L 30 50
30 L 20 33
40 L 15 25
50 L 12 20
60 L 10 17

Medication Using an Automatic Medicator: It is essential the automatic medicator be monitored on a daily basis to ensure it is functioning properly. Mix product well in the container prior to preparation.

Set medicator to deliver 10 mL of Alfasure per head of cattle (NOTE: this is based on a cattle weight of >454 kg). Prepare a stock solution (dilution) of Alfasure (see below) when using an automatic medicator. Adjust medicator based on daily water intake and severity of bloat potential. For cattle under severe bloat-producing conditions, double the daily intake to 20 mL of Alfasure per head of cattle. The following table gives mixing ratios for 2 types of medicators.

Medicator Type Delivery Ratio Mixture to Deliver 0.05% Alfasure Mixture to Deliver 0.10% Alfasure Mixture to Deliver 0.15% Alfasure
Dosamatic A12 1% 0.2-1%

(set at 0.8%)

1 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

2 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

3 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

Dosatron D1 11 1:128 (fixed) 1 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

2 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

3 L Alfasure to 

15 L water

Any unused medicated water should be discarded after 24 hours and fresh medicated water prepared.

Cautions: Safety of this product in breeding animals and cow-calf pairs has not been established.

Warnings: No withdrawal period is required for cattle when treated according to the label. Keep out of reach of children. If eye contamination occurs, wash the eye with running water for 15 minutes. Wash exposed skin as soon as possible after contamination with this drug.


Store at room temperature (15-30°C). Protect from light. After opening product, use within 30 days. Do not use previously opened product in the following season.


Net 500 mL, 2 x 10 L

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