Phenylbutazone 20%

This treatment applies to the following species:

Active Ingredients (per mL):

200 mg phenylbutazone

Preservatives (per mL):

1 mg mthyl- parahydroxybenz-oate; 0.1 mg propyl parahydroxybenz-oate
Phenylbutazone injection, USP




Dogs: As an aid in the treatment of bursitis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, posterior weakness, posterior paralysis, rheumatism, inflammation of the skin and other soft tissues.

Horses: As an aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis of medial and distal bones of the hock, arthritis of the stifle and hip, arthritis of spine, chronic hip pains, chronic pain in trapezius muscles and generalized arthritis.

Dosage and Administration

Inject slowly, intravenously.

Dogs: 0.5 mL (100 mg) per 5 kg body weight daily. Total daily dosage should not exceed 4 mL, regardless of weight. Do not treat intravenously for more than
2 consecutive days.

Horses: 2.5-5 mL (0.5 – 1 g) per 250 kg body weight daily. Total daily dose should not exceed 20 mL, regardless of weight. Do not treat intravenously for more than 5 consecutive days.


Do not administer to animals with cardiac, renal or hepatic disease or those with evidence of hemocytological disorders.

Cautions: Once the condition has regressed, treat strictly as required or as recommended by a veterinarian. If no response is noted within 5 days, the treatment should be discontinued and the diagnosis should be re-evaluated. Care should be taken to avoid perivascular administration due to possible swelling, necrosis and sloughing at the injection site. Stop medication at first sign of gastrointestinal upsets, jaundice or blood dyscrasia. When inflammatory conditions are caused by microorganisms, adequate therapy should be given simultaneously with phenylbutazone.

Warnings: This drug is not to be administered to horses that are to be slaughtered for use in food.


Store below 25°C. Keep from freezing. Protect from light.


100 mL

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